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Going Green with DDL

From helping you turn your used toner cartridges into useful items like park benches, to greener manufacturing, DDL’s Going Green Team have partnered with Toshiba to help YOUR business to better reduce, reuse and recycle.

Together we can save the planet and save money too!

The Facts

Do you ever stop to think about the impact you make on the environment when you hit the print button? Most folks focus on the amount of paper used in printing, but few stop to think about what goes into the ink and toner cartridges in their printer.

  • Toner cartridges contain toxic ingredients such as volatile organic compounds in the form of solvents.
  • It takes almost a gallon of oil to make a single laser ink cartridge.
  • Manufacturing a single toner cartridge releases 10.5 lbs of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • In the US alone more than 350 million printer cartridges are discarded in landfills annually.
  • Ink cartridges in landfills can take up to a millennium to decompose, as they contain resin.
  • Inkjet cartridges discarded in landfills leak into soil and waterways.

DDL & Toshiba - Your Green Partners

Screen-Shot-2014-12-11-at-2.38.28-PMAs a leading manufacturer, Toshiba recognizes that the earth is an irreplaceable asset. They are constantly researching and implementing new methods to protect the world in which we all live and work. As an ecologically responsible partner, DDL works hard to find a solution tailored for you that ensures a careful balance between the print needs of your business today and the preservation of our natural resources for the future.

Toshiba produces products which are Energy Star rated, and two of their top product series have received the latest Energy Star Tier Two rating. Toshiba are RoHS compliant, and through the responsible collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of the products they build, Toshiba is also WEEE compliant.  Toshiba utilize state-of-the art processing to separate materials, and cartridges are recycled with zero waste to landfill. In addition, a number of Toshiba’s MFP product features are designed to minimize their environmental footprint. For example, to reduce paper waste they’ve implemented Duplex by Default printing and an Omit Blank Page function as well as electronic product manuals rather than those made of paper. And while most sleep modes consume 5 watts of power or more, they now have a Super-Sleep Mode that consumes only 1 watt!


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Three Ways to Improve Your Printing.

Reduce Waste

Save an average of 37% on paper costs with LeanPrint. Prepare documents the way you normally do, and LeanPrint will do the saving for you. Just choose which layout you like best. Other papersaving, waste-reducing print solutions from Toshiba include PaperCutMF, Pharos and Ringdale.

Optimize Printing.

Save an average of 43% on toner with LeanPrint. Saturated, colors are replaced with lighter colors. Or, select grayscale to eliminate the use of color altogether. In addition, extralarge fonts are reduced in size, as well as oversized charts and graphs. Why pay to use more toner?

Print Smarter.

Improve the way your employees print. Start with the motivation of knowing management is keeping track of every page that’s printed. Our cost-reducing print solutions teach users how to print more economically with pop-ups that suggest applicable changes.

Less paper, less toner, more savings.

Printing costs are a large expenditure for many businesses. Add to that environmental concerns and you have the two driving forces behind Toshiba’s new print solutions. Choose from our latest money-saving, eco-friendly offerings in order to print smarter, safer, leaner and greener than ever before.

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Making a greener world, one used cartridge at a time.

Toshiba has partnered with Close the Loop, Inc., as part of their commitment to the environment and to YOU. Now DDL customers can recycle spent imaging supplies and turn a growing problem into an innovative solution.

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Our DDL Green Team have a a full complement of services to help you not only go green but to stay green too!



No matter what type of printer your company uses, or the variety of jobs you print, DDL has the right paper for you. We have a wide selection of paper, from inkjet, laser, multi-machine and Photo papers for all of your personal and business printing needs. Our paper dries quickly for easy handling, and you support responsible forest practices using paper made from FSC-certified fiber. Conserve resources by recycling—our paper can be recycled in consumer collection systems that accept mixed paper.

We also carry HP office papers that use Colorlok® Technology minimizing show through, so you do not have to sacrifice readability or image quality when printing on both sides of the page. Colorlok® paper also makes it easier to remove laser toner and ink compared to non-Colorlok paper. This allows recyclers to create bright, white pulp for higher-quality papers.


Imagine being able to print any document from anywhere you are to anywhere you desire. This is Cloud Printing. We have partnered with cutting edge providors that enable you to send and print documents from any smartphone, tablet or laptop to your office printer.  You can even use one of their mobile apps or email your document to the printer while you’re on the road – it’s that easy!

An exclusive Toshiba device feature, the e-BRIDGE CloudConnect tool works behind the scenes for you, managing your devices remotely by gathering information about your machine via the cloud. That means you can spend less time managing your devices and free up your resources with remote meter reads, firmware updates, and toner alerts to trigger automatic supplies deliveries. It’s easy to set up too, with no software installation required—simply install as a firmware update


The DDL team conduct a “green” audit as part of our complete Business System Analysis of your company. We review your business processes and match-up the solution with the newest technology from manufacturers like Toshiba, Lexmark and HP and a host of software vendors to compliment the hardware solution.

We identify problem areas in your current office printing and document storage solutions and offer effective solutions within your budget constraints that will not only make your business processes more streamlined and cost effective, but will also offer the least impact on the environment.


Unwanted electronics are the fastest growing segment in an already burgeoning solid waste stream – yet upwards of 90% of their component parts can be recycled, and many can be refurbished and reused, as they contain some of the most valuable elements mined and refined in the modern world. DDL can help you safely manage the disposal and recycling of your end of life products.

Our trusted partners at Toshiba have an extensive End of Life Security Policy to ensure all of your critical data is removed from the copier, printer or MFP hard drive before it leaves your organization. Toshiba devices, as well as many other brands, can be scrubbed to remove any and all information that may still be stored on the hard disk drive.


Use the form to the right to request one of our team to contact you about any or all of the environmentally responsible solutions we can provide you with.